Scroll Oval VT-02-GF    Gold Filled
VT-02-14k   14k Gold
Heart VT-04-GF    Gold Filled
VT-04-14k   14k Gold
Victorian Smooth
VT-05-GF    Gold Filled
VT-05-14k   14k Gold
Victorian Scroll
VT-06-GF    Gold Filled
VT-06-14k   14k Gold
VT-07-GF    Gold Filled
VT-07-14k   14k Gold
Floral VT-08-GF    Gold Filled
VT-08-14k   14k Gold
Rose VT-10-GF    Gold Filled
VT-10-14k   14k Gold
Scroll Oval Earrings VT-12-GF    Gold Filled
VT-12-14k   14k Gold
Heart Earrings VT-14-GF    Gold Filled
VT-14-14k   14k Gold
Victorian Smooth Earrings VT-15-GF    Gold Filled
VT-15-14k   14k Gold
Victorian Scroll Earrings VT-16-GF    Gold Filled
VT-16-14k   14k Gold
Lace Earrings VT-17-GF    Gold Filled
VT-17-14k   14k Gold
Floral Earrings VT-18-GF    Gold Filled
VT-18-14k   14k Gold
Victorian Prices
The Product Ordering Code: Victorian

Example: VT-07-GF

The 1st part VT is for all victorians
      VT stands for victorian      
The 2nd part is the type of pendant
      01, 02, 03, etc.
The 3rd part is type of gold used in the pendant
      GF - Gold Filled
      14k - 14 Karat Gold
Pendant - the complete piece of jewelry

Pendant's come complete with loop. Please specify which color you want. Color choices are: Black, Red, Emerald, or Blue. If no color is specified, we will automatically ship Black, except VT-10.

(VT-01, VT-03, VT-09, VT-11, VT-13, VT-19, VT-20,
VT-21 have been discontinued from manufacturer)
Victorian assembly instructions:
Match nugget to Victorian. Add clear epoxy to nugget and place it carefully on Victorian. Allow to dry.