Creative Uses for Gold Lockets

The lockets can be used to protect and display your photos. Match the size and shape of the picture to a locket then cut and seal the locket.

Cross stitch
The different sizes and shapes of lockets can be used for many projects. As cross stitchers, we know you are creative and hope that these lockets can be used to show off your creations.You can make up your own kit using a design and 22 count Aida cloth and the Eureka size locket. We have several designs like the heart, Christmas tree, bunny and hot air balloon soon to be on the site. Naturally, you can use any size locket to make your own special creation.

The lockets and PB's can be used to protect and display your keepsakes like: baby hair or teeth, sand from that special trip, pressed flowers and other personal items.

Goal reminders
Some people use the lockets to keep their goals as a constant reminder. Some write the word goal on one side and the goal on the other side. Others put something that reminds them of the goal: photo of vacation, car, the special someone or keepsake.

Sand art
One customer gave us some wonderful looking sand art using our lockets. I don't know how they did it but it could be a fun project. And if you have instructions on how to do sand art let us know so we can post it for others to try.