A & D Jewelry: Natural Gold Nugget Jewelry Lockets and so much more


 A&D Jewelry

Andjewelry, created do it yourself gold nugget jewelry locket pendants. A&D Jewelry lockets offer an elegant showing of nature's artwork. A & D Jewelry's lockets and pedants display and protect gold nuggets at the same time. These lockets hold gold flakes up to small gold nuggets. They are simple to make. The lockets are comprised of two lenses, at least one is a dome to hold the gold and a bezel to hold it altogether making a nice pendant. Another way to do gold dust or gold flack jewelry is shaped hand blown glass bottle jewelry. Do it yourself jewelry by simply pouring the gold dust or flakes into the bottle then seal and attach a cap. Austrian Crystal as the backdrop adds sparkle to any gold nugget. Crystals shaped like hearts, ovals and circles produce an elegant bonding surface. Nuggets are unique, earth creations. Design the piece around the nugget and you will be a master jeweler. A&D Jewelry also offers Gold Dipped Cones, Rubber Stamps, Gold Pans, Earring Supplies, and Chains all designed to enhance your natural gold nuggets or gold flakes.






Examples with gold are for display purposes only. Real products come without gold. Products similar to those shown are available under the "Jewelry" section.

Most of the items in this web site are actual sizes. The exeptions are the cones and handblown glass bottles which vary in size. The screwdriver set and epoxy are not shown at actual size, nor are the items under the "Jewelry" section.

Top miner image by Tony Oliver.

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